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Todd Robertson, Will Long and Myself painting on a Kaiju Eyezon over the weekend in San Francisco , Nov 4th 2012. I'll post pics of the completed piece fully clear coated later today ... it really came out nicely as we made sure we over lapped each others areas, which ended up making a much more cohesive final piece  ;-) Enjoy !

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I love what Will did at first. That pattern stands out, and the final product came out great... oh and great to see @maxtoyco on INSTAGRAM !!!!!! 174 followers on your first day :)

Ya Will Killed it !  ;-D but so did everyone else  ;-) Ya i'm on instagram and don't know why or what the heck I'm doing with it .. sigh ... just can't keep up with you youngsters ...  ;-P

more pics of the final clear coated Jam piece ...

Awesome!  I wouldn't be able to part with it!

This is a great job guys! I love this live collaboration stuff. Seeing others paint I always pick up a trick or technique from them.

Lets all do more of this !

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