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What would forum members recommend for someone who has never airbrushed or painted vinyl figures before? For example, what would be a fairly basic, but complete, recommended beginner's start-up kit? This would include the gun, compressor, hood or ventilation considerations, and everything else that you would need to get started with a "complete" kit, including basic paint colors you should have on hand (to apply directly or for mixing), primers, thinners, brushes, and any other equipment that you should have readily available for a good experience. Brand recommendations welcomed, except we know which brand of paint to use. Beyond beginner start-up recommendations, maybe someone could also suggest moderate and advanced level kits, so folks could choose based on their experience level and/or disposal income.

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Hey Turbo!  Good to see you here.  An airbrush and MonsterKolor will change your (creative) life.  I know it did mine.
Hey Seth ! Still shopping around... Whats the difference between .35 needle and a .5 ? I'm guessing its the size of the spray pattern.....Can needles be switched around on the same gun? Heres the one Im looking at:http://www.hobbylinc.com/htm/iwa/iwan4500.htm
Seth Longmire said:
Hey Turbo!  Good to see you here.  An airbrush and MonsterKolor will change your (creative) life.  I know it did mine.
It's the needle and nozzle diameter.  I believe they are switchable if you buy the other nozzle and needle.  I use the .35 because I like to do a lot of fine work, but it still works fine for broad sprays and clear coat.
Ok cool, so is the Neo a good one you think?

Oh, I didn't even check the link, I thought you were still talking about the Revolution.  No idea how the Neo is.  The Revolution is Iwata's 'go-to' beginner brush.

the description says its ideal for lower air pressures, like up to 20 psi. What psi do you usually use?
My compressor puts out 60 by default, so that's what I do my large spraying with, and go down to probably 30-20 for fine detail depending on the task.. UP TO 20 is going to severely limit you.
good to know, thanks!! Ill get a revolution. Any particular model you recommend?
Well, like I said before, the main difference is the paint cup.  I have the C and it has a good capacity for a variety of tasks.  I think the B would get annoying and not hold enough clear coat for a figure all at once.
Thanks man, much appreciated
wow that amazing

Daniel Goffin said:
I've seen videos of Mark painting Eyezon's outside on the porch. So, that would probably be the cheapest option but it can be discouraging if you live in an area with a lot of precipitation. Obvious, of course. Other than that I would recommend painting in a well ventilated area outside of your living quarters especially if you are going to use solvent based paints like v-color and monster kolor. I also remember reading a how-to somewhere on building a cheap paint booth made out of cardboard, a commercial vacuum cleaner and some microfiber padding. I just can't find it. Here is one @ instructables but it is probably better to invest a little more...

geozilla said:
Thanks for the great info, Matt!

What do folks recommend on a good place to paint in terms of space and ventilation? What's minimal? What's ideal?

i started with a badger 175 dual action kit... it retailed for $100 at michaels, but had a 50% off coupon.. paid $50 +tax... i like it alot... i'll upgrade at some point, but for right now it works for me... as far as the compressor... im using a 3 gallon auto  compressor... 20 foot line, and then you just gotta get the fittings to work for the airbrush... its awesome cause u never run out of air... my brush line connects to a moisture trap.. the moisture trap has the standard line fitting for a compressor on the bottom. it works rather good.


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