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How many drops of MK Vivid Slime green resin dye should i add to a batch of white resin to make it pop as vivid slime? Our first trial of 4 drops came out only yellowish.

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Hey Bryan,

Are you using smooth cast 325 or 326? Or is your resin a white base like 305?

The reason why I ask is because the white base might mute the slime color a bit. Having a more clear base, you can get closer to that popping slime.

Also how big is the piece you are casting? The bigger the cast the more drops.

Hope this helps

It's a white base. It's not smooth-on. The figures are all about 2 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. They're resin minifigures.

I see ... Unfortunately , with a white base it's going to be hard to get that exact popping slime color. Some colors you can get away with it, but that slime is best with a more translucent base, I would say try messing around with adding more or less drops to your urethane to possibly get a more vivid slime color. A lot of casting is just trial and error. Can be irritating at times. I hope this helps Bryan !

Thanks! We're trying lots of formulas at the moment. Unfortunately the cold weather is wrecking havoc too. 

Climate control is a tough one . That can also throw tons of loops in some of the stuff we do. I hope this all pans out for you. In the future, feel free to shoot me an email for any questions about this stuff! - Pjaybartlett@gmail.com

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