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I have the incredible honor of working on a small custom run of Bob's Nightgamer figure.

Here is the beginning. I washed the toys in hot soapy water as the instructions recommended and then quickly proceeded to cutting away some of the parts that I tend to change...

Eight Nightgamers To The Slaughter

Cutting up a Nightgamer

Stay tuned for more. Updates soon.

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Here are a few more progress shots from the weekend.

1. The incision on the head: I usually plan that much when making a unique custom but here it is different. I try to plan ahead and mark the places where incisions need to made so that the whole run is as similar as possible.
Planning the incision

2. The opened heads with a vertical brainy-toothy grin: I must admit, I enjoy making these small custom runs. It gives the whole process a different sense of legitimacy.
New faces in the making

3. Previz: Temporarily holding everything together gives me sense of where the custom is heading. For me this is much more helpful than trying to imagine everything.
A new face for the Nightgamer?

4. Same story here: I thought I'd pick up some of Bob's original Nightgamer story and here is a first test. It looks weird but that's nothing bad, right? :D
Nightgamer testing the suit

More updates soon. Stay tuned.
Haha...this is looking kinda insane, Daniel...but in a good way!

Honestly, though, I'm kinda hoping you're not going with the outfit in the last pic....there've been so many toys with clothes in the "designer scene" lately...
That poor defenceless teddy bear !!! :O Keep posting, looking forward to it all :)
Daniel , Amazing look so far ! . Keep it coming !
Thanks all for the good words.

@Sanjeev I hear your concern but I will go with the teddy bear suits. Not only because I like the concept but also because they are mentioned in the original story by Bob.

A little update:

1. I inserted the brainy teeth here using a cyanoacrylate super glue. I also used a blow dryer to make the vinyl more workable and found out that this is a dangerous combination. Heat + glue does create some ugly fumes.

Stacking heads

2. I am still playing around with this part. I am not sure yet how to integrate the tongue...

In a suit with a tongue

3. The teddy bear suits are not tailored to fit but instead actually teddy bears that I found on a local flea market, degutted and customized. Some of the suits do fit rather well while others are a little stretched or too big. However, I like this fact as that is how I imagine the Nightgamers must have fitted in the bears in the first place...

A group of suited nightgamers
Ah, I didn't realize the teddy bear suits were part of the story. Still not my thing, but do you!! Creepy lil fuckers! ;)
Oh, I just realized I missed updating this post. Well, here are the newest in-progress shots. Pretty soon it'll be time to paint this buggers.

1. As you can see I decided that two eyes are not enough and I drilled two extra holes into the mouth area.

Nightgamer heads with more holes

2. Now, a shot with the eye sockets sculpted, the glass marbles in place and the tongue coming out of the mouth hole.

Nightgamer heads with more eye sockets

3. I mentioned this already earlier on that I gutted eight teddy bears and turned them into suits for the Nightgamers. The suits have blood red zippers. Each suit is different. Here is a close-up.

Teddy bear suit with zipper

4. And to give you an impression of where all of this is heading here is a shot of one of the Nightgamers testing a teddy bear suit. This particular one has pants and a skirt that I carefully ignored. The zipper features intentionally bad sewing. Makes it more scary.

Nightgamer in customized teddy bear suit

Here is another little update: The suits are all stitched up and ready but not all of them fit as well as this one does.

Next step: paint!

Nightgamer testing a new suit.
Okay, I'm totally digging the marble eye thing. Was Bob the first person to start doing that?? Either way, great call--definitely adds to the creep factor. And the teddy bear costumes are reminding me of the last scene in Screamers! ;)
Sanjeev, I have no idea wether Bob was the first to use marbles for eyes. However apart from him there are not many that do this. The effect is great though.

In the last few days since my last update I've started painting the Nightgamers and I thought I'd let you in on the progress.

1. I primed the faces/heads with gesso. Some parts are simply layed in with a brush while the fade is a combination of rubbing and dry brushing.
Nightgamer primed

2. The pink here is a light rub. There is also some pearlescent paint but it's hard to tell in this picture.
Nightgamer head with pink rub

3. I added a golden rub in some areas.
Nightgamer head with gold rub

4. Here I used a orange brush pen to lay in the paint. The colors of the Pentel brush pens have a wonderfully bright hue, is quite fluid and the application is very even.
Nightgamer head with orange wash

5. I added some more orange to the lips and gums
Nightgamer and more orange
I love these Nightgamers! I wish I could paint one.
Daniel, this is excellent ! . Seeing your process is very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing !

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