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I spent a few minutes with Matt Doughty from Onell Design today. I really love his figures. Especially his latest batch of hand painted customs.

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I've got a few images before the drop at 3pm EST.
Links: 481 siteNistuff site

The larger figures are Glyos Bodies with heads I've sculpted and hand cast in urethane. Almost everything is painted with Monster Kolor Airbrush paint in one way shape or form. Really good stuff. Hope you guys dig em and possibly stop by the shop pages later if only to see the rest of the stuff!

Thanks for looking!

The Figures are live at 481universe

Thanks for checkin em out!


After months of delay, I was finally able to get some more work done on this one last night among a few other things I'm working on. I should be able to wrap this guy up next time I work on him. I'll take pics with an actual camera when it's done. Can't wait to finish this one and start the next.

Looks fantastic Troy! Sort of insectoid/Zuckuss

Thanks Bryan! I hadn't thought about the Zuckuss look, definitely see that comparison.

Just in the eyes.

Troy Stith said:

Thanks Bryan! I hadn't thought about the Zuckuss look, definitely see that comparison.

I decided to go ahead and finish this one up tonight. I wanted to get it off the to-do list finally!

I plan on cleaning it up with some sanding, then potentially casting it. I also plan on writing up a background and doing more customs of this nature. Since the name has come up more than once and it seems to fit well, this one is now known as "Bio-Buildman" ;)

Very, very cool. Like the name too.

Looks good!  Do you use sculpting wax, or epoxy putty?

Thanks! I used apoxie sculpt for my customs.

After thinking about it over the weekend, I'll be doing a pre-order limited run on this first Bio-Buildman, both whole and broken down. That way people can order the figure or their favorite bits. I'll announce the pre-sale window this week.

Hailing from the murky marshes of Sesar IV, the Bio-Buildman are an organically reptilian race of hunters. Upon hatching, they're left to tend to themselves. While young, the Bio-Buildman live on instinct that turns to cunning shrewdness as they age. Each Bio-Buildman's carapace armor and weaponry grows specifically to the survival needs of each individual.

The planet of Sesar IV is full of ever-changing alliances of Bio-Buildman. But one thing remains clear to all who've tried to lay their claim to Sesar IV, the Bio-Buildman will unite and crush any foe that encroaches on their territory.


I went ahead and setup the pre-order for the first Bio-Buildman last night. I'm selling both complete and the individual parts that make up the Bio-Buildman. This will be a limited run and I'll only be casting enough to fill the pre-orders plus a few for me to customize later down the road.


Head over to the Gorilla Mouth SHOP to nab yours before the pre-sale window closes.



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