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Just had a design fall apart while curing/ baking. anyone had success with sculpting one part then baking then adding and baking again. still pretty neophyte on this sculpting thing. thanks

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Hi. I use this method all the time. If you add sculpey to the baked parts you can smooth it in nicely (also wet and dry inbetween details to make it super smooth). If you need to add arms etc you can always place in wire in the original then sculpt over after baking. Hope that helps, I just finished a sculpt of the reaper using the technique:





Hope that helps


I literally just finished sanding a piece I'm working on after baking it a 2nd time, and it's come out fine, you just gotta keep a real close eye on it. Also, I'm using super sculpey firm (the grey one) and that probably makes a difference.

I used normal sculpey wrapped around a polystyrene ball as the base and boiled that rather than baked it, not sure if that might help?

Thanks Guys. i am using the grey sculpey as well.

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