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Kaiju Comrades 2 progress. Random shots from the "Presidential Coatings" factory. The Ben Franklin pieces are an upcoming release.

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Nope. Scotch tape on the ESC picture above. Poke around here. Shea just posted a skate deck she is doing and using a type of liquid mask with good results.

Bob Conge / PLASEEBO said:

Hey Matt, are you using a liquid mask ? If so what ?

Thanks Ralph!  Good to see you around here :)

Ralph Cosentino said:

Love the ESC figure LOVE the paint job!

Well done!

Wow, impressive work!

 Here is some process shots from a run of ESC Toy "Wet Suit Maria"

Heads Removed

Lightly "scuffing" area to be masked.

Blowing off dust with air blow gun. After this, I forgot to take a picture of me wiping all surfaces down with 70% rubbing alcohol. This cleans and prepares the toy for clean paint application.

Applying Red to Face.

Red applied.

Masking Tape being applied.

Faces all masked.

White & Silver being applied.

Rocket Blue applied following color map in background.

C-Thru Yellow applied.

C-Thru Orange applied to lower half of figure.

White Stripes sprayed with airbrush following color map.

White stripes applied to head area.

White striping applied to all figures.

In this picture you can see that I used the white stripes as a base to layer my colors on top of. On the head area striping I used light coats of C-Thru Blue. On the feet striping I layered C-Thru Yellow over the white. I use the layering technique a lot to achieve varied looks.

All that is left here is clear coat & paint the face details with MK Brushable.

Finished images

Detail Shot

Hope you enjoy seeing my paint processes. Please reply to this post if you have any questions!

I have so many new pictures to be added to this post. Time to blow the dust off :)

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