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Hello everyone so im thinking i might get an airbrush setup soon! I'm totally new to airbrush so I have no clue. All I know is id like something with a quiet compressor that I could use inside if possible. Any Suggestions?

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 Check these out.

I use the master airbrushes by the bucket load here at the studio. I know a few peeps on here use there compressors too. 


Man that looks like a good deal is the compressor loud?

No, they are quiet enough to use in a apartment setting.

MarshallPlex said:

Man that looks like a good deal is the compressor loud?
I started out with aMaster set up. The compressor is still going strong, the airbrushes are good, but not as good as a name brand. Great for starting, or for someone like me who sometimes forgets to clean out his brush.
So I grabbed this very airbrush set and It should be arriving in the mail this week. I also bought a ton of monster color paint to get started. I'm super excited can't wait to play!!!

One thing I didn't realize is that needed an airbrush cleaner pot as well so tonight I just purchased one of those off eBay. Guess I need to get some cleaner as well maybe some paint thinner too or is that the same thing?

Also what do you guys use for primer? I gees lol use the acrylic primer I have now and thin it out with pain thinner?

I have a Badger (model 175) airbrush and I picked up a Sparmax Stormforce compressor.  The airbrush...not that great.  I had a great deal of issues with spray splattering, no spray, air kickback and more with it.  The compressor, though is AMAZING.  Only runs when you're airbrushing, dead quiet overall, moisture trap, small, long airhose, etc. and I picked it up from the local Hobby Lobby (chain store) and used their online 40% off coupon to get it at a steal.

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