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Comment by Paperdaniel on January 3, 2012 at 12:13pm

gorgeous battlepaint and a real nice lookin toy/model. right-on ben. superduper right-on. this is what i've been talkin about with my toy bros all weekend(we all had a 4day hobbybender at my buddies house) - models, my man..freakin models. the feeling when you pop a box and see the pieces..the spark that hits the brain as you look over the instructions. love it. spectacular way to fight against the boorishness of growing old and upward. robots, tanks, multi-role deathplanes, battleships, dinosaurs, crazy 70's space stuffs..etc. i love it all, but have to admit that it was the Gundam mg kits in the mid 90's that got me back into it all again.

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