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 I must live under a rock. Recently I discovered the sculpture art works of Colin Christian. This is some of the best quality I have ever seen on pieces this large. We're talking full out automotive lowrider grade paint treatments. Fiberglass and silicone are his medium of choice. Just painting the face can take up to 20 thin layers of paint to create the realistic look of the face.

 [Above titled "Pussywhipped"]

 Colin had sent me some pictures of his latest sculpture creation titled "Licorice Allsorts"

This is perfection to me on so many levels ! 

The craftsmanship is flawless !

Close up "Rear View"

Colin has quite a few videos of his work and even some interviews of him speaking about his works on youtube channel.

His website is chock full of past works and news,etc.

He is also pretty active on twitter @colin_christian 

I hope someday in the future I can own one of these beautiful works of art for me to display here at the Monster Kolor Studios !

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