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Monster Kolor Application Instructions

1. Wipe figure down 2-3 times with 70% rubbing alcohol THROUGHLY ! (even in the hard to reach areas) No Primer Required.

2 Pour color directly into airbrush..For brighter color application shake up & spray white base as your first coat and then layer your colors on top of the white.

3. Layer your colors in sequence from light to dark. Example : White,Yellow,Orange,Blue, Purple,etc
Color can be poured back into bottle to eliminate waste

4. After Colors are applied now you can add specialty paints direct over paints. Example : Pearls,Flakes,etc

Note : the colors will appear dull in appearence up to this point. Dont worry this is correct.

5. Clear Coat : Use in a well ventilated area! Must use an OSHA approved respirator while spraying. This is a 2 component system. It is mixed 2:1 ( 2 parts clear 1 part activator) . Mix small amount with mixing cup provided. For micro mixture please mix 1 part clear ½ part activator.

NOTE: If you are using matte clear coat use one light coat to achieve matte effect. If you apply heavy coats it will want to look glossy.

Usually, 1 coat of clear is all that’s required for the desired gloss level. If you chose to do 2 coats please allow 15 minutes wait time before 2nd coat of clear application.

6. Place figure in a dust free environment at 60 degrees or warmer for 24 hours to cure.

7. If your going to store Monster Kolor for a long period of time between uses I recommend placing the cap plugs back into the bottles to avoid air getting into the bottle and possibly evaporating the solvents out of the paint.

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There is some of info on PSI in this thread. Here is mine

It varies. You have multiple pressures from like 10-30 psi. I generally use 30psi. If i'm getting in real close detail i will drop the pressure way down to avoid splattering

ToyGoons said:

Whats a good PSI to start off with?

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